Membership Benefits

A Voice in Government

Because there is strength in numbers, Chamber Members enjoy having a strong voice in local government. As a member, you can be assured someone from the Chamber is attending City Council meetings to report back anything that might impact business. County and State meetings, as they affect our communities, are also attended by Chamber Members.


There are many ways to promote your business. Print and social media, billboards, direct mail, etc., but there is nothing more powerful than meeting your future customer in person. Your chamber provides perfect opportunities to shake hands, pass out business cards and brochures all the while, keeping your business visible in a very personal way.  It is amazing what you can learn through networking; about how your business might be useful in ways you never imagined!  Get out there and network!

Monthly Forum Lunch and Speakers

Not only is the monthly luncheon a perfect opportunity to network, it is a way to stay up-to-date through Forum speakers.  Speakers can inform about what might impact business, be it legislation, local city changes, who is moving into the area—anything to help our members make a difference in our bottom line.  You choose the topics you want to hear and let us know!  We’ll find the speaker.  Also, if you think you have something that will benefit all businesses through your experience, you are welcome to speak at the Forum.

Business After Hours

BAH takes networking to an entirely new level!  Imagine, potential customers seeing your place of business!  This social event is great for the business who is hosting because they can see what you do first hand.  We suggest you go all out to make your business event stand out long after it is over.   Remember, this type of event also provides a great social networking opportunity for all Chamber Members–so your success is guaranteed!  BAH events are another way for you to get the “word” out about what you do whether you are hosting or attending! 

Local Business Directory

You know how it is, driving down the river of commerce (I-5) most communities look exactly the alike.  Fast food chains, big mega-stores, car dealerships and the like create a sense of “sameness” no matter where you are.  Your local business directory gives the visitor a look behind the clone to glimpse what is down-the-road from I-5.  Every one of our South County communities is unique. The Chamber Directory showcases our members to travelers, potential residents and businesses who are looking for a place to locate. As a Chamber member you are listed in the directory. You also have the opportunity to advertise your business in the Directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Membership?

1 – 10 Employees – $100 per year

11 – 50 Employees – $250 per year

51 – over Employees – $500 year

Non-Profit – $100 per year

Are there other meetings that I need to attend?

You are not required to attend any Chamber function.  It is strictly up to you.  Chamber membership can only benefit your business if you “work.” it.  Working your Chamber is the best way to get the most benefit from your membership.  Being seen, networking, meeting new people, handing out your business card at every opportunity the Chamber provides is a very powerful business tool.

By attending no meetings or events, you can still have your name in the directory.  Volunteering for a board position, helping at the Annual Banquet, inviting others to join, being an Ambassador and attending the monthly Forum allows direct and personal contact with your next customer!

The Chamber will always notify you of the monthly Forum lunch.  Other meetings may include an “emergency” meeting regarding anything that might negatively impact businesses in South County area where immediate action must be taken, an annual Gala Banquet, or Business After Hours event.  Most items of interest to business would be covered during the monthly Forum luncheon.

I’d like to be a speaker. What do I need to know?

If you wish to be a Forum Speaker please submit a brief paragraph or two regarding the content of your speech, via the website.  You will be contacted and a date can be set.  Please keep in mind that this venue is not intended to be a “commercial” for your business.  If you have information through your business expertise that businesses would benefit from knowing (for the good of the order so-to-speak) this would be the perfect opportunity to share that knowledge with the membership.  

An example might be as caterer you want folks to know that ordering weeks before an event requires certain information and action before the event.  This information benefits everyone, even other catering companies who may be members—they want folks to know how to be prepared for the event in terms of catering.  Another example is an experience you have had that negatively or positively impacted your business that you want to share. By sharing your experience, you have benefited other members and shown yourself to be pro-business, even to your competitors!  One should not then, spend time as a Forum speaker telling the membership about one’s business, there are other Chamber venues in which one can shamelessly self promote!

Please use the Contact Form on our site to reach out.

I would like to host an After Hours meet up. Who do I contact?

Please use the Contact Form on our site to submit the nature of your business and where you would like to host the event to us via the website.  We suggest you hold the event on your business premises so members can see your facility and how and where you conduct business.  If you don’t have room and can bring samples of your work to another location please advise.   We suggest you consider providing a light snack and drinks (no alcohol) to the attendees.  Most BAH events occur during the week, usually right after work, 5:30 to 6:30 or 7pm.  You will always have attendees to your event, the Chamber guarantees it!!